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For the most Satisfying Superfood Smoothie, you can't go past our TROPIC THUNDER

For satisfying the body and the taste buds, you have to try our TROPIC THUNDER Superfood Smoothie. With Kiwi Fruit and Yerba Mate Green Tea to help you get a better night’s sleep, there’s also Pineapple and lemon for their nutrients and to help your energy levels with a combination of Orange Juice and Coconut water to make sure your hydrated and charged. Last but not least it’s rounded out with the high in fibre coconut flesh and our superfood hit of chia jelly.

THE TROPIC THUNDER is GOOD FOR: Digestion, Energy, Cholesterol levels and a Deeper Sleep

MADE WITH: Pineapple, Lemon, Kiwi Fruit, Yerba Mate Tea, Coconut Water, Coconut Flesh, Chia Jelly


PINEAPPLE : Eating pineapple helps to digest food by breaking down the protein particles. It’s packed full of the nutrients that help your body on the outside and the inside. It contains Bromelain Enzyme, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, Vitamins B1 and B6. It’s good for Skin, Detox, Digestion, Immune System, Eyes, Energy.

LEMON JUICE : In contrast to their taste, lemons are actually alkalizing for the body and help to restore the body’s pH. They also contain the flavonoids that help fight infections like flu and colds. They contain Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and are good for the Skin, Detox, Digestion, Immune System, Eyes, Energy

KIWI FRUIT: Low in GI and high in potassium, the kiwi fruit helps keep electrolytes in balance, and it’s rich supply of minerals helps to balance out the excess of acidic foods that most individuals consume. It contains Potassium, Vitamin C and K, Copper, Fibre, Vitamin E, Folate and Manganese. It’s good for your Digestion, Blood Pressure, Immune System, Body Detox, Skin, Deeper Sleep, Energy

COCONUT WATER : Naturally fat and cholesterol free, coconut water contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes. It contains Potassium, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine and helps your Energy, Hydration and Improves Blood Circulation.

COCONUT FLESH : Coconut meat is high in fibre and minerals. You’ll be happy to hear that the fat content is also a medium chain fatty acid, which are broken down much faster and don’t contribute to high cholesterol in the same way that long chain fatty acids do.

CHIA JELLY : Chia seeds are a great source of Omega fatty acids, protein, fibre, amino acids, iron, calcium and antioxidants. Fights high cholesterol and heart disease. They contain Omega 3, Iron, Magneisum, Calcium, Vitamins A and C and Amino Acids. It also Balances Blood Glucose, Strengthens Bones, Boosts Brain Power, improves cholesterol, muscles

YERBA MATE GREEN TEA : Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, it’s a healthy base to improve brain function and give your body a detox. Containing less caffeine then coffee it also gives you a burst of energy. It contains Anti-oxidants as well as 24 vitamins and minerals. It’s good for immune System, Improve Sleep, Increase Metabolism, Reduce Allergies, Improve Digestion, Lower Bad Cholesterol, Burns Body Fat.

ORANGE JUICE : Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants and abundant in Orange Juice. It also contains Potassium, Folate, Vitamin B6, Thiamin and is good for your Metabolism, Energy levels and Inflammation.

For Sydney's Best Superfood Smoothies, visit O Superfood at Shop 6, 310 - 330 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

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