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The Macatack Superfood Smoothie

The MACATAC is a green smoothie that’s all about keeping you energised, increasing muscle health and keeping your body alkalised.

One of the best ways to keep your body in balance, is to ensure that you reduce acid forming foods and instead increase those that are alkaline forming. Almonds and Mango are there to help reduce acidity, while the superfood Maca not only helps your energy and stamina, but is a known aphrodisiac for men and a fertility booster for women. With the leafy green bulk of spinach and kale, the Macatac also gives you Iron, Fibre and Magnesium in a healthy burst.

Did you know that Maca is a root that actually belongs to the radish family, but is used to promote the sexual function of both men and women. Boosting the libido and increasing endurance.

THE MACATAC is GOOD FOR: Energy, Strength, Lowering Cholesterol, Skin, Hair, Digestion

MADE WITH Mango, Avocado, Spinach, Kale, Silken Tofu, Almond Milk, Maca


MACA : Cultivated in Peru, Maca is a raw and unprocessed root for energy stamina, and power. Packed with protein, vitamins B, C, E and minerals plus potassium. An aphrodisiac for men and fertility booster for women. It’s great for Strength, Hair and Skin, Muscle Health, Balances and Nurtures Hormones

MANGO : Mango’s are high in energy and low in fat, while also being a great source of calcium and vitamins. They’re a Low GI fruit and helpful for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Mangoes contain Vitamin A and C and the anti-oxidant Beta-Carotene. Good for your Energy, Lowering Cholesterol, Skin, Eyes, Digestion and helps too alkalize the body.

AVOCADO : Avocado’s actually contain more potassium then Banana’s as well as monounsaturated fats. They help to promote a healthy bmi and can help to lower your cholesterol. Containing Protein, Monounsaturated Fat in the form of Oleic Acid, Potassium, Vitamin K, B9, B6, B5, C and E. Dietary Fibre. Good for your Cholesterol Levels, Heart and Eyes.

SPINACH : Spinach is a great source of dietary magnesium, which helps to maintain muscle and nerve function, heart rhythm, your immune system and blood pressure. It contains Vitamin A, B2, C and K, Magnesium, Manganese, Folate, Iron, Calcium and Potassium. Spinach is good for your Immune System, Blood Pressure, Skin and Hair, Digestion.

ALMONDS: (Almond Milk) Almonds can help to lower cholesterol, protect artery walls from damage as well as help build strong bones and teeth. They’re also high in healthy mono-unsaturated fats. Almonds are the only nut to contain protein and one of the few proteins that are alkaline forming. Almonds also contain Magnesium, Molydenum, Vitamin E, Copper, Phosphorus and Potassium which are good for your Heart, Weight Loss, Immune System, Bones, Teeth.

SILKEN TOFU : With a custard like texture, it’s a great way to give your smoothies a smoothness as well as giving you a source of protein and essential amino acids. It’s good for your Muscles, Bones, Lower Cholesterol, Energy and Heart.

KALE : Kale is a great for giving your body a detox and keeping your liver healthy. It’s low in calories, high in fibre and contains zero fat. Kale contains Fibre, Iron, Vitamin K, Anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and sulfur. It’s good for your Strength, Detox, Liver, Bones, Energy, Eyes, Skin

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